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Who is Bart?

Bart Johnson was born in Washington, DC in 1954 with high-functioning autism that was undiagnosed for fifty years. He began having visions of the Apocalypse in grade school, along with the terrifying belief that the people he was surrounded by were robots. A contributing factor to his delusional state was going out into the hallway of his Catholic grade school surrounded by the deafening  scream of air raid sirens to huddle with his 5 year old classmates and to  protect their neck vertebrae from being crushed should the ceiling collapse on them from the shockwave blast of a nuclear bomb. The King and Kennedy brother assassinations which began when he was 9 years old followed by LSD and the Vietnam War did little to dispel his initial suspicions he was living in Apocalyptic times surrounded by robots. And now, his initial apprehensions have materialized with the latest technological “advances” like Artificial Intelligence  and Neuralink.   He currently lives in peaceful rural seclusion with only the occasional mass shooting in a nearby town to disrupt the orderly tranquility