Bart Johnson

The Tremendous World Inside My Head

Bart Johnson's work has been an extended exploration of his subconscious and his connection to the world around him.

Attending art school in the 70’s, Bart remains a self-taught artist, having no interest in the contemporary definitions of art, then or now. To begin with and to this day, he considers himself directly connected to the traditional art of the past, working by hand with simple materials. The work is truly visionary and completely original.

His drawings arise out of a meditative trance state, which are part of a daily spiritual practice. Each begins with no preconceived notion and is a spontaneous capture of visual thought. The work is not made in an artist's studio, instead created from life. Each working day, he selects a new environment to stimulate the memories, dreams and reflections that comprise a visual diary of psychic space. He has said “I truly have no idea how I do these. I just start drawing and let it flow.”

Johnson's method is one of discovery, allowing him to bring a kaleidoscopic order to seeming-chaos. As an artist, he feels tasked to find and illuminate the reality that exists behind the world of form.

Johnson's practice has evolved through 40 years of working in and looking at the world around him. The critical element in each work is its handmade spontaneity; a harmonization of body, mind and spirit. His work stands as a direct rebellion against the prevailing monotony of commercially contrived art created solely for mass consumption.  

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